Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Tips For For Beginners

Q; Are you ready to take the opportunity and talk about your passions in the blogging world?

After all, while it is true that many will start a blog out passion for a specific niche subject, it be awesome to also be able to earn some money from the knowledge you have when sharing it with the blogging world. There are many different ways in which a blog can be monetized, but in this article, we concentrate on the act of promoting affiliate products on a blog in order to make sales and earn commission. Inside this website you will find many tips and information that will help you turn personal passions into user friendly guides to help you toward building an affiliate marketing presents that with the right focus, information and education will make your blogs much more lucrative.

TIP 1 : Pay close attention to your blog’s design and layout, and do not be afraid to redesign the look of your blog.

When it comes to promoting affiliate products on your blog, the placement of ads and links is very important. You need to use a blog theme or template that will increase the click thru rate on your ads and links. While you do need to ensure that affiliate products ads are not hidden away in small text links in your blog’s footer, you do not want to make the ads so bold and flashy that they take over your blog’s main content and turn away readers.

Tip 2. Refrain from using too many different affiliate programs.

While it may be tempting to add ads for products from Amazon Associate, Click-Bank, Commission Junction and the eBay partner program to your blog, keeping track of ads for hundreds of different products will be tough. Furthermore, many affiliate marketing programs have minimum monthly payouts, so if you are spreading your earnings over dozens of different programs, it could take several months before you actually get your hands on any of the commission that you earn. To understand this look over this website and you will see that it is fully focused on two common niche, Affiliate Marketing and / Other Peoples Blogs while maintaining minimal distraction from the mission statement or subject.

Tip 3. Do not promote products that you have not used yourself.

It is important to keep in mind the fact that when you place ads on your blog for certain products, you are in effect giving those products a personal endorsement. If you promote shady products, you could end up destroying your hard earned reputation and integrity, and consequently, you will eventually lose blog readers and registered users who have connected with you. Therefore, it is best to only promote products that you have tried yourself and are relevant to your passion you share here.

Hint: Place ads that are relevant to the writers subject.

Tip 4. Limit the amount of affiliate links on your blog to ensure minimal distraction.

Having hundreds of outbound affiliate links on any blog has a negative affect on ranking on search engine results pages. Therefore, you need to ensure that links are “no-follow”, rather than “do-follow”. meaning it’s ok to simply type your link here ( as a “No Follow” people can choose to copy and paste should they wish to follow it. Should that URL become a live link such as ( or click here and you have them through out your blog as “Yes Follow” ranking on search engines will be seriously compromised.

Presented above are just four basic affiliate marketing tips that should help you to increase your blog’s affiliate marketing earnings. However, the world of affiliate marketing is constantly changing and evolving, so you need to ensure that you keep up to date with the latest developments in the affiliate marketing industry. Furthermore, while earning substantial affiliate commissions should be one of the important goals that you have for your blog, you main goal should always be to provide your blog’s readers with valuable content.

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