Top Affiliate Status – 3 Key Criteria For Top Affiliate Status

I’m not going to treat ya as stupid just because most people don’t really know yet how easy it can be to learn online marketing. Anyone can make money from affiliate marketing even without looking like a complete idiot.

You and I both know we can’t really make money just by internet marketing alone. Even more embarrassing, those who try to without really knowing stuff can look really stupid trying. The problem is if we tried without knowing what criteria are important before starting out we would look like idiots and the last thing anyone wants is to look stupid.

Internet Marketing / Affiliate Marketer

Firstly, lets be real clear on one thing, Being an Affiliate marketer is not the same as Affiliate marketing they are like chalk and cheese in comparison.

Secondly, No special skills to become an affiliate marketer are required, in comparison to Affiliate marketing, well that is a whole different kettle of fish.

Anyone can be an affiliate, the truth is, becoming an affiliate is so simple. Making money from other peoples products and services is almost “idiot proof” and you won’t look stupid because you don’t know how to become one. Vendors, the registered owner of products that are being sold by affiliates, make things really, really easy by providing most of the marketing materials they consider important information to help affiliates market them to make money.

Basically, that is why the internet is massively populated with affiliates these days. There are thousands of product owners offering affiliate free applications. The same goes for affiliates but I would estimate many more than just thousands.

Internet marketing however is much more complex in theory as well as practice and the reason being, there are so many ways to market online then one can count. It is impossible to estimate how many active websites there are, take your pick, Google AdWords, Facebook, Yahoo and many other free advertising sites offering spots to place banners and ads to literally no end of opportunity to make money, but is it really as easy as it is portrayed to be?

You can easily make money from as an affiliate through internet marketing because there are unlimited ways to advertise online. That being said, did you know you do not even need a website to do that? In fact, you do not even need a personal computer, Today you can make money as an affiliate by simply placing ads in all the free advertising site if you had the time to do that and from your smart phone,

Affiliate won’t make you look like an idiot so let’s explore what’s required in order to make money as an Affiliate before moving forward. To qualify as an affiliate, there is no real need to Learn the really specialized stuff to get started. All you have to do is find affiliate offers, join as many free advertising sites as you can. Sign into them and simply place the ads the vendor provide you with, copy and paste and submit…done. Now repeat that over and over until your ad is everywhere. Of course that will cost you time, a significant amount of time.

Now let’s compare the difference between being a free affiliate and being and internet marketing professional of affiliate products now if you don’t know what it is yet please allow me to explain in detail and if you don’t know yet the difference in time it takes between both you are in for a bit of a shock.

Let’s first clarity affiliate and affiliate marketing.

It’s useful to learn every little thing about every aspect of affiliate marketing, and that means telling you everything, even about the smallest of things, like product description, review writing, website content, product comparisons, just to name but a few criteria required.

Oh! and this is quite long as no stone is left upturned here. Are you ready? Let’s go.

Many affiliates just starting out don’t necessarily have a reasonable level of knowledge of affiliate marketing. you may be one of them, I was once upon a time. The reason in a nut shell was I had to start somewhere as every one does. My reason for start as an affiliate was to make money, my why I wanted money is my reason for starting this.

I Simply wanted to make money online and yet could not justify spending the little savings I had left at the end of each week and had no spare time to learn fully what was required to become marketing professional of affiliate products. This will that lead to telling you about the simple mistakes I made that in the long cost me a lot more that if I had actually used my time to fully resonate and learn the importance of knowing the difference between being a free Affiliate and being a professional Affiliate Marketer.

Let’s explore FREE

  • Vendors provide free affiliate applications.
  • Advertising web sites offer free ads.
  • Training specialists or Guru’s offer free education.
  • Membership sites offer free membership.
  • Free offers or down loads.
  • Free chances to win stuff.
  • Gambling sites.

They all have just one reason for that, to email those in there lists tangible offers with both up sells down sells and yes some even though they state they will never sell your information do so for the same reason you are here today, to make money. Many a keen free seeker who can’t yet afford to pay for something, believe it or not gladly submit there name and email on a hope. You and I did as well if I can to be so bold as to make that statement.

It’s not to help people start but rather to get them on an email list and is the crutch of it. Does it work you bet it does. you only have to look at what is being spent online every single day.

That’s why they do it. because it works and generates huge lists of email addresses and names all without helping those who simply can’t afford it at this point. Here is the problem…from there knowledge about internet marketing comes a great deal of angst, not from what they do but rather from what they do next. Understand those who do sign up to be a free affiliate and stick move on to the next latest and greatest off only to forget about what the joined are also the ones that end up getting frustrated and begin to name and shame legitimate people like us.

Now to be very clear, there is nothing unethical about building a list after all if someone decided to do nothing after submitting there details and that moving on without even opening there new-found membership site that bag that site for not working for them, you have to ask, who is being unethical?

I will be covering this in more detail over time.

Affiliate marketing professionals can make even more money

How, by learning about internet marketing, if you don’t have time to learn that that stop reading, please. People who have built platforms in specialized internet marketing platforms have designed them to make money I pay for that today and each month I make sure I had the funds to do so. I understand that they are specifically built toward helping me succeed online. I don’t need to be an expert to understand that just as I don’t need to know how that engine in my car works.we have to replenish it with fuel right off the bat when it tells us we need to.

Same goes with these specialized sites. Simply put, for me to get anywhere all I need to do is the cost to stay connected with those who always pleasantly surprise me when somebody who knows what’s working for them shares that knowledge with me to give me an advantage and remain a top affiliate marketing specialist.

My Tip in this case is, If you have any questions… Ask and feel confident in the fact “I won’t make you look stupid” Just as the people I know today don’t.

Time learning has a far greater value.

We all know that many people on here can not pay thousands of dollars each month, but are you willing to spend time on what works? Answer that and In the beginning a small amount of time spent will have far greater value that you might realize. Understand that and soon paying money for something perceived as high value only works if you spend time learning how to make it work. The need to pay and make money online is just like that car I mentioned. Think about time as being the cost to achieve the knowledge you need to get to where you need to be even if it requires spending more time in this case. If you stay committed pay with what you can afford in time and apply what you learn to make it work for you has a far greater value that even money.

My tip: If you do that and the money starts to come into you bank account you might want to consider scaling up your affiliate business and purchase a program that will you even more, just saying.

Online courses learn to earn.

Affiliate marketing is among the top industries on the internet today, because of its wide scale popularity and the high returns. Many companies and individuals are seeing the benefit in setting up free to Affiliate memberships or Affiliate programs in order to increase potential customer reach by leverage the already millions of affiliates operating online.

Hint: It is very important to learn how to become not just any affiliate but the best affiliate marketing professional you can be to gain a greater market share. It is not difficult to start out as an affiliate as we now know, but if you don’t learn how to do things the right way, chances are you probably won’t succeed in achieving your goals.

Money and how long it takes to earn it is simply a bi-product of applying what you learn.

What follows Learning, ready!

Miss this and you might as well quit… learning requires action before success,

With that in mind, and by taking action by applying that what you learn only that will real success begin to happen.

1 know how to build,

To explain where this is going here is a simple example. Building something a flat pack piece of furniture requires reading the instructions, learning how to. Now what if you do not understand or can even read them. Would it not be prudent to say, there could be a possibility of failure?

A solution in this example would be simply to get someone who can do it or better still as we discussed earlier find a group of people who might just be willing to help put your furniture together with you. Again let me emphasis, asking people who had the knowledge and are willing to help does not make you look stupid.

This is important, you can easily become an affiliate yet if don’t know how to be dynamic and informative about how to build a business and if you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer, you must master the ability to ask for help before anything else.

Here are some more essentials for mastering affiliate marketing.

  • Know how to promote products effectively
  • Be able to introduce your visitors to your site effectively.
  • Promote products with flying colors.
  • Attract huge numbers of visitors to your site.
  • Make every visitor feel your passion with create content.
  • Make sure your site is lively, exciting and relevant to your business.
  • Provide visitors with, “This is exactly what I am looking for”

If you are not sure how to write create content or need help to learn any of the above to achieve top affiliate status, again, there are some great membership platforms some free to start and some free with paid upgrades. Some are quite expensive and some not so but everyone of them can assist you with stuff to achieve initial success online and from there you simply consider upgrading once you have exhausted the free training if you believe it works or you believe it will make your business standout even more with what you learn. You just need to take advantage of what is affordable to you at the moment of opportunity.

2. Build strong customer relationships.

To achieve a top affiliate status and build solid customer relationships you must be able to make your website content rich and informative. This over time builds a long-lasting relationship with your readers and eventually segregates readers into categories and ensures they are receiving information according to there choice subjects. These are the most important criteria you must adhere to if you want to achieve top affiliate status.

  • Write content relevant to your business or niche products.
  • Make your customers feel you are there to help them.
  • Categorize each customer according to there interest or product purchases.
  • Make all your email responses and post comments personal to individuals.
  • Ask them if there is anything else they might be interested in need or want.
  • Thank them for there support and patronage.
  • Respond, Give Thank and always Ask.
  • And do al the above honestly and cheer fully as you never know who they talk to.

Again, Information about the above can be found online at call and will benefit and help your online en devours to become a top affiliate marketer or a better online business professional.

3. Creating massive value through content.

The main reason for creating value for your readers is to be recognized as being real, knowledgeable, helpful and professional. Making a site content rich and informative offers those reading it everything they are looking for when they find what they want. Most people, myself included generally don’t have the time to do this stuff, Would it surprise you that what you are reading currently was written in a little over 90 seconds? But that’s for another time. Let’s continue;

Let’s look at an example that will help with understanding the importance of creating massive value through content writing,

There are two online shop fronts, both with similar products, each are ranked on most of the search engines to be found.

Store one has a product you have been researching online as does store two. Store ones product has a small description a picture and the price. There are also Ads blinking and flashing on it with but has no relevant content or comparisons of similar products,

Store number two however offers the exact same product which maybe slightly less or more expensive. With this product comes some comprehensive content explaining everything about the product. There are reviews from customers and comparisons of similar products as optional ads. The site is designed for easy navigation, has a refund Guarantee policy, full disclosure policy and a privacy policy along with full and verify able contact details.

This is where you reader comes in and because you have read this far, I would like to ask if you would consider doing me a favor? Can you comment below on which store you would consider and why? This will help everyone who is considering becoming a top affiliate marketer.

Conclusion: To become successful in this instance, it’s important to introduce the following

  • Deliver real value.
  • Deliver comprehensive information.
  • Display genuine product comparisons

These are the most important criteria that must be achieved to become a top affiliate marketer.

If you wish to start a post about your niche please feel free to communicate below for my personal bonus after you write one sentence about your niche subject and I will gladly write it up as a post for your personal WA blog. Try me, you might be pleasantly surprised.